Hanging Sheep - $39.98
Hanging Angel - $39.98
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The Naked Bee
"All th good stuff,
none of the bad stuff."
Organic creams and lotions.
Customers love these!
Wind and Willow
Delicious cheesball/desert mixes.
Great appitizer!
Check out our Giftware Dept. Along with the giftware we carry all the time,
our giftware dept. changes with new items all the time.
Stop in and find the perfect gift for someone or for yourself!
Good Earth products are created with only the finest ingredients. Each batch is made with
its own unique blend of pure essential oils and herbs, handcrafted to refresh and invigorate
your soul. The reason our products are so good for you is because they are created from
natural butters, oils and waxes. The simplicity of the ingredients aids in their ability to heal
and revitalize your skin. It is our hope you will find our products are of the highest quality,
Made from the Goodness of the Earth.

Below are pictures of Good Earth products in our store. We love them!
Knit and Dine
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On the right is our beautiful
display of
Legacy Cards.
Below is a sample of these popular
Legacy Cards. They have coordinating
envelopes and faith inspiring words.
The price is $2.99 and they also
offer a value card for $.99.
Beautiful jewelry created by our
own talented Kelly. Very unique!
Giftware for the home!
Inspirational Signs.