Ann Weaver was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan, where she lived until leaving for college in
New York City. She currently lives in Boston and works as a copyeditor, content writer,
knitwear designer, and knitting instructor. Ann's parents have both worked the Jenison public
school system; her mom, Karen, runs the ACT program, and her dad, Tom, just retired from
teaching math at the high school.

After learning to knit at age seven, Ann taught herself to read patterns at age 22. Shortly after
this she began to design her own garments, and started sharing her designs through various
forms of publication since 2007. Ann's work has been featured in, Interweave Knits,
Knitscene, Knit, and in many pattern books.

With the help of Team Weaver, Ann's husband, graphic designer, sister Beth, and parents,
Ann has self-published two books of her work, Craft Work Knit (2010) and White Whale Vol. 1
(2011), a collection of patterns inspired by the novel, Moby-Dick. She is currently at work on
White Whale Vol. 2 and a collection of patterns based on color theory and the Bauhaus
movement, among many other projects. Her books are beautiful and will be available for
purchase during her visit to our store.  You can read more about Ann on her website

We had a fantastic book signing with Ann here at the store on Dec. 28. We ran out of her
books! Ann is sending us her wonderful
Craft Work Knit, $30.00 and White Whale Vol. 1,
$22.00 very soon. Call our store, 616 457 9410, if you want us to hold them for you. We're
also talking to Ann about having her do a workshop or class the time she visits. Stay

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Ann Weaver book signing
Ann Weaver on Jan. 2, 2013